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Hello! Welcome to HOA-Reviews!  

We are so excited to launch this website and so glad you are here! Please bear with us as we are still working through some tweaks, but we are excited to see where this goes and hope to see many homeowners, tenants, contractors, etc. leave a review about their own HOA.

So why HOA-Reviews?  Honestly, we couldn’t find a way to leave a review for the HOA we live in and realized this website might be a cool and much needed idea.  We asked ourselves, why not create a Yelp of HOAs? We did some research and noticed there wasn’t really anything else like this available. When we realized we couldn’t leave a review for our own HOA on a public forum, we decided to create this website. Exciting, right?  Yes, but a lot of work, yet what kept us going is knowing that users, like YOU, will be able to come on here and get to create and see honest reviews.

Who will benefit from HOA-Reviews?  Potential new homeowners or renters checking out their new HOA, current homeowners/residents to see what is happening at their HOA, and board members of HOAs who can take steps to address the feedback from their homeowners/residents.

In the future we will be adding a forum page to allow folks to post general questions, ideas, resources, etc. not specific to a single HOA.

We envision this website turning into a community space for homeowners, tenants, board members and contractors to share their views specific to their HOA to hopefully foster a better communal living space for all.

If you have any questions or would like to send us your feedback, please don’t hesitate to reach out via email:

Happy Reviewing!