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The purpose of this website is to provide a venue where potential buyers of houses and condos in neighborhoods managed by associations can read reviews of the HOAs, HOCAs, and Co-Op Boards managing these properties before they buy.

These HOA reviews are intended to be TripAdvisor type reviews which are “family-friendly” and informative. If you write a review of your association, please be honest without being too critical of the board members. Please do not mention any board members by name. Try to write a review with this thought in mind: “How would you describe your association to a friend who wants to move into your neighborhood? “…and you want them to move into your complex or neighborhood but prepare them for your association’s management style or financial stability.

The National Media has recorded many legal fights between homeowners and their HOAs. The most popular stories include HOA vs Dinosaurs, HOA vs Tanks, HOA vs Christmas Lights and more. Read the details about these infamous HOA battles here.

If you are new to the world of Homeowner Associations (HOAs), Condo Associations (HOCAs), or Co-Op Boards, you may want to visit our HOA Terms & Definitions page to learn more. HOA docs and financials are extremely important when determining the “health” of an association. Ask your realtor about recent and upcoming special “assessments” when considering buying into an HOA controlled property.

For condo owners who pay a monthly HOCA fee, knowing when the roof and elevators of the buildings in your complex were replaced is extremely important. Special assessments for these big-ticket items may cost you thousands of dollars. Oceanfront and riverfront condos are subject to high winds and flooding, therefore carefully reading the HOCA docs and determining the financial health of the association is critical when making a buying decision. Keep in mind, HOAs can place a lien on your property and can force a property into foreclosure to collect their dues or assessments. Read more HOA Terms & Definitions here.

Finally, be prepared for “HOA Nazis” to patrol your new home. HOA Nazis are those board members who become “overzealous” in their enforcement of the rules and regulations of your association. This nickname has been coined and utilized by many residents throughout the USA and Canada in the past 20 years or so. Not all neighborhoods have HOA Nazis, but if you are unaware of them before you buy, they can make your new home purchase turn into a nightmare. One remedy for eliminating HOA Nazis are to “replace” them by taking an active part in your associations board.

Recent Reviews

The Canaveral Sands Condos in Cape Canaveral, Florida are my favorite along the beach in Brevard County. The HOCA board has a really great management style and I love how they manage the finances. We have not had a special assessment in years (despite the hurricane) and the monthly condo association dues has not gone up in a few years. The landscaping, pool and buildings are always kept up nice by outside contractors. I would highly recommend this complex to anyone who is thinking of living or investing in Brevard County, especially in the Cape Canaveral and Cocoa Beach areas.


Reviewed on Canaveral Sands Condominium, Cape Canaveral, FL

The Cape Winds condo in Cape Canaveral, Florida is a great oceanfront complex. The HOCA board members bring great energy to their management style and constantly try to improve the complex. The Condo Association fee is reasonable for an oceanfront property and they try hard to keep the landscaping and building in top shape. There have been no special assessments since the hurricane, which our buildings weathered with very little damage. Prospective new owners should feel confident when buying into this complex.


Reviewed on Cape Winds Condo, Cape Canaveral, FL

Royal Mansions Resort Condominium in Cape Canaveral, Florida has a great HOA board. They address all issues regarding maintenance in a timely manner and really look after the complex. The board has meetings once every 2 months and listen to the owner's comments to act accordingly.


Reviewed on Royal Mansions Resort Condominium, Cape Canaveral, FL

The Oaks Condos in Cape Canaveral, Florida is a great place to live and enjoy the Florida lifestyle. The HOA board has turned over lately and the improvements are tremendous. The shoreline has been completed and the roofs are being replaced this month. The new landscaping company is doing a great job!


Reviewed on The Oaks Condos, Cape Canaveral, FL